Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


His smile remains, a little weaker, but still warm. Of course he needed to ask his parents about this later, even if she did look like she could be trusted there was also a small chance of being fooled. So he would call them later, but right now he really didn’t want to think about that. He wanted to enjoy for once not being an only child.

"The time?" He looks at his pocked watch, and states that it was half past six now. Before he pulls out his own wallet. "How about we both pay? I would feel mean if you had to pay for everything." He secretly thought about his habit of eating a lot when he was eating out. He did not like the thought of her having to pay for all of it.

He looks through it, and decided that he had enough. He didn’t use much money, and he would be able to still have enough to buy the new game coming out that he wanted. “So, how do you feel about Pizza?”

"It’s the least I can do. I pulled you out here for all of this, and you might not have needed it." Garnet chucked and listened to Vincent speak. She, herself wasn’t that hungry, but if Vincent wanted to go have a bite then she would gladly tag along.

"Pizza sounds great, delivery? Or are we eating out?" Til didn’t mind going for a walk. Even after the food she would want a bit of exercise.

Lots of thoughts flashed in her head as she began to get herself together incase they were set to move. Garnet kept a smile, she didn’t to break down again. She kept trying to ask herself why was it such a big deal anyway. So what? You have another brother. Get over it.

Their long dark hair blew in a light breeze. Very nice weather for a nice new day.

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my princess~

One of the best flavors. (Axel and Garnet)


"Heh heh, don’t know if you’ll like it right off the bat. The first few bites, if you’re new to it, are sorta odd. Bit more on the salty side than the sweet. But it gets good fairly fast." 

The smile faded for a moment. “Ya sure you wanna pay for me too? I can cover myself.” He disliked the feeling of someone paying for him. It made him feel indebted and a bit useless. “I’ll pay for the next round if you want to hang out again after this.”image

"Don’t worry about it. I don’t have anything or anyone else but myself to spend money on. It’s nice to help others out." Garnet smiled and the teller began to hand her the change. She shook her head and grabbed the ice cream and bit into it. "Oh, yep I had a candy this flavor…but for it to be so soft and cold. It does make it taste a bit weird." 

"Why wouldn’t I want to hang out after this? You make it seem like you are afraid that I don’t like you…or you are about to do something." Garnet laughed at the face Axel made. She hoped it wasn’t something too crazy.  

Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


Vincent was silent until she had stopped talking, as he was thinking over the information as it came along. Then he sees that Garnet… his little sister, suddenly seemed close to tears. Honestly, he was bad with people in general, but crying girls made him sort of panic. He looked like a mean guy to many, so he had been in cases where girls had just started crying for other reasons, but people passing had come in and thought he had been mean to them. He had almost gotten taken by the police once as well because of it.

"I know…" He starts, as he reaches over and pats her head. It seemed she had inherited their mother’s height and not his at least. "I mean… I know my mother was with your father first. Or, I didn’t know it was your father. But I knew she was together with someone for a while before my father. But they never told me there was a child involved." He tries his best to force on a smile. If there was one thing he didn’t really do, it was smiling, but for some special occations it was ok.


"Well, I guess that means I owe you a lot of years worth of big brothering, right?" He was shocked over all this of course, but even with his negative aura, he was one to find positive parts of things he knew he had to deal with, and this was a thing that was easy to turn into a positive if she wanted to as well.

A hint to a smile remains on his lips, as he started wondering about how to handle the big brother role. Should he be the overly protective one, and stalk her to dates? Or should he be the understanding one that would be there for her when she came home from the date? Or just the cool one that played games and watched movies with her? There was a lot of possibilities here!

As Vincent spoke Garnet wondered about how she could be there for him more. Although he was older and could take care of himself, Garnet needed to stay strong so he wouldn’t have to worry. She didn’t want to end up being a burden on him. Vincent probably came to this area for business. She couldn’t be there to hold him back. 

Til wiped her face a bit more as she chuckled at Vincent’s offer. “You could say that.” She smiled as she pulled out a tissue to make sure her face was all dry. 

It was pretty odd to her they meet up like that, like something was pushing them grow closer. She pulled her hair back a bit. “What time is it?” She didn’t know if he was busy before rushing out to meet her. “Did you want me to get you something to eat or drink?” Til sniffled as she dug in her bag to find her wallet.

A warm feeling came from Vincent, she knew she didn’t have anything to worry about with him. Though he may have seemed dark and scary to most Garnet saw pass all of it to his bright smile. “I would expect that much being my brother and all.” She thought to herself.

One of the best flavors. (Axel and Garnet)


He couldn’t help but laugh a bit at her reaction. She was going to be a fun one to tease, that’s for sure. “I know the best spot to get the treat. Not to far off from the station.” He hummed as they strolled. “You’re going to have to pay for your own ice-cream though. I don’t have the chivalry to pick up the tab for a lady. Or the cash.”

After a few minutes of walking, he headed over to a stand with a bright colored sign. “They got ton of flavors to pick from, but the specialty is Sea-Salt. Ever had it before?” The ginger asked as he ordered for himself.

The laughter Axel had made Garnet smile each time. “Oh jeez, I’ll pay for you then. Keep your cash for your boyfriend.” She stuck her tongue out. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind?” 

The walk was nice, Til didn’t care for the random people almost bumping into her while she tried to keep up with her friend, but it was worth not being alone for awhile.

Garnet looked at all the flavors and pondered over the watermelon or the lime. “Sea salt? so it has like a sweet but salty taste? I think I have had candy like that.” She tried to remember back but it wouldn’t come to her quick enough. “I’ll try the Sea-Salt.” She grabbed her money out, enough to pay for both.

One of the best flavors. (Axel and Garnet)


"Sure, that sounds fine by me. And I’m done now. Just gotta get the cash into the registrar and I can be out the door." He took the payment and went over to the counter near the entrance. "I’m good for the rest of the day. No classes or homework to worry bout. So I don’t mind just hanging out. Any places you wanna check out?" 

The ginger took off the apron and tossed it over his shoulder. The tips he had made, he pocketed. “If not, I wouldn’t mind getting an ice cream and hanging out at the clock tower for a bit.” Axel went to the door and held it open, waiting for her to join him. Of course, he couldn’t help but tease her a bit as he smirked, “Just remember, I’m taken. Don’t try to win me over to the girl side of the coin.”

Til was glad Axel agreed on tagging along. She was worried that he would refuse and then wonder if they would ever speak again. It was a reoccurring thing in her life. She clapped a little then grabbed her things and waited patiently until he was ready. 

Garnet was unsure where to go if it was up to her. Being new to town still she only knew where a few main places were. “Mmmm I don’t have any places to go. So…ice cream and the clock tower it is.” She pulled her hair back as he walked to open the door.

"Axel! Oh my gosh, don’t say that!" Garnet got quiet trying to keep from smiling seeing Axel’s face at her reaction. She shook her head and let herself smile. "Let’s go" 

To her, Axel seemed like an older brother, and she needed someone like that around. Being in Twilight Town by herself, with no one she knew there. It felt good to have him.

Poolside(Garnet and Kariya)


"heh hem see what happens when you just let life carry you in the flow? You sat where you wanted and viola, life became an adventure," Kariya said with a smile as he pulled out the lollipop. He actually had a bag of them and was half tempted to give her the whole bundle but nah. Maybe some other time. For now she’d have to make do with two.

"Here you are, one primo pop for baiting the babies…and one for you two. Just remember, life’s more fun with games. Keep to that and then you’ll start to wonder why anything stressed you out in the first place. I bet you can think up some interesting ideas to use on those kiddies," he added as he straightened up with a stretch. It had been a good day to swim but he was feeling like a prune from being around the water for so long. It was prime time to go wander and smell the roses as they say.

Also to not do homework assignments. The newest game was ‘push off all assignments until last possible moment’.

"Thank you so much." Garnet took them in hand as she sat at the edge of the pool. She unwrapped one and stuffed it in her mouth. The green apple flavor excited her. "Well, I better watch out next time huh? I might not run into something nice like you then." She giggled as she thought about Kariya’s words. She could probably get a view good ideas by the next time she went back to the clinic. 

"The water is pretty nice." A few students walked behind Til blocking Kariya’s view of her. "So where are you from?" She wasn’t sure if she asked already. "I’m from a city pretty far from here." Garnet was unsure if she could still call it a home. She moved around so much during her life, She wondered if her family still held a house there. 

Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)



He looks at the other a little longer before he answers anything. “I’m Vincent.” He had thought it might have been someone he knew from before that was calling him out, but this wasn’t anyone he could remember talking to before. He might have seen her at school in passing, but he usually didn’t look that much at people.

Then she holds her phone up, and he looks confused at the picture she showed her. It was an older picture, probably 10 years old or something, but that did look suspiciously like his mother. He brings his hand into his pocket, and soon fished out a old phone he had been forced by his mother to bring. He had never really needed a phone, since he didn’t get many friends, but his parents had wanted to be able to get in contact with him.

He uses a few seconds to look through his contact list, and holds it up for the other to see, showing that same number, with the contact name: mother.

A silent moment passed as Garnet’s eyes started to tear up. She sniffled a little turning her face and gave out a small chuckle. “I’m sorry, I just am so confused. I haven’t been with my father in quite awhile now and he is still amazes me in so many ways.” She wiped her eyes trying to stay calm. Uncle Colin told her that Vincent was a relative, he didn’t give full detail that the mother that she grew to know as a child wasn’t really her own. 

"It seems like we are family Vincent, that was your name right?" She glanced back down at the paper as she wiped her eyes. Til’s only thoughts were about meeting her real mother, their real mother. She had so many questions, so many memories to tell, and answers to why her mother left her father. 

As Garnet thought about it she looked up at him with puffy eyes. “You are older then me, but my moth- our mother was with my father first.” She held her head frustrated. “Wow, this is really bad. I’m sorry about all of this, I just really wanted to meet you. I hope this wasn’t any trouble for you to get here. Thank you so much for meeting me.” 

Though she had so much to say and so many questions, Garnet didn’t know if Vincent even wanted to deal with the situation, or with her for that matter. She could only do what she should and let him do what he please. She held her hand out trying to hold a very weak smile.