Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


"Well, if there is leftovers we can just bring it home, so no problem at all if we order too much." He laughs, as he felt really hungry as well. He usually had to go for the chaper options in pizza, or just get frozen pizza. "Really? I can help you if you want? I imagine knowing computers is also important in nursing these days?" He gives another smile, he could sort of see her as a nurse.

"Research what?" He asks, as he tries to figure out this girl tht stoof before him. "And codes are what makes up most you see in programs, in games, on websites. It is the code that makes it have the apperance it does, and the functions you see." As he was afraid to come off as a computer geek, he slowly ends his code rant.

"Oh really? Hopefully you don’t have to remember it all? It sounds like something I could forget easy." Garnet nodded as she was reminded that she could take it back to her dorm. The girl didn’t have to worry about her roommate eating it because she didn’t have one. "Researching on how to work with these computer programs a little better. It’s tough."

"Would you help me really? I mean I would love to understand how to work it on my own. Even in class they are going over the basics of medical stuff. I’m way past that in knowledge so I don’t even go to class that much, just for tests and then go to the clinic." She thought a strawberry milkshake would taste great. "That way I could handle a little more for the doctors."

There were a few kids at another table who recognized her from the clinic. They waved from their table and Til waved back. “Aw someone must have wanted to give them a break from the hospital. That one is always stealing candy from the front desk.” She used just her finger to point in the direction where the child waved. 

Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


He smiles to her as she smirked, and as they were at the pizza place he looks curious around. To be honest, he usually just ordered to the campus or took take away from places, since he wasn’t the sort of guy that liked to sit out in the open like this, but it felt safe when he was there with someone.

"No, Vincent is ok, I don’t think there is anyone that calls me anything else than that, so don’t worry." He looks over the meny of the restaurant, and tries to see what he wanted. "I like to draw a lot, and also to code stuff on my computer."

Vincent looks at the pizzas, and smiles. “You want us to share a big pizza? We can split it down half?”

Garnet chuckled. “I don’t think I could eat half of a pizza. Though, I am pretty hungry at the moment. the smell of the food here is making me hungry.” Thinking of what he said before. “You work with computers? I’m terrible with them.” She continued to explain as she tied her hair so they wouldn’t find random strands in their food. “I work at the school clinic every now and then watching the kids and as a nurse. They try to keep me from losing files and documents on the patients.” She sighed and shook her head. “I even tried to research, but I couldn’t understand.” 

"What do you mean by code stuff by the way?" She glanced at the menu as he did. She felt like she wanted a lot of toppings but she didn’t want to seem like a pig. 

One of the best flavors. (Axel and Garnet)


The red head gave a half laugh at that. Those words made it sound almost like a charity case. Which really didn’t help much. He took his own ice cream but held onto it for now. Hearing the next few words brought back a smile, though now it was more mischievous than anything. “I don’t know. We are heading up to the top of the clock tower.”

He turned to start heading in that direction. After a few feet, he stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Has anyone told you that you’re way too trusting? Seriously. You just met me and for all you know, I could be taking you up there to mug you or something. I could have been lying about being gay too just to lure you to a secluded spot. After all, it’s rare for anyone to actually be up there.”

A smile and a giggle came from the girl. “But you’re aren’t.” Her faced turned red from laughing. 

"You see, one city I stayed in for awhile I use to deal with a lot of that stuff. So I got a lot of training to be prepared. Not saying that I would win in a fight with you, but I would be able to hold my own." He did seem a bit large, maybe she couldn’t handle. "If that was the case, I meant." She hurried to say so just in case he got offended. She looked at her ice cream before licking it. "I don’t know, I used to be sheltered by people all the time, doing stuff I didn’t really want to do. I choose to be risky because its all I can be, I haven’t done anything but stay trapped in one spot everywhere I went. So excuse me for trying to live a little of my life." She laughed a little before bumping him as she walked passed. 

Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)



He is silent for a little, as he tries to form any other reason for his earlier ideas, but in the end he fails to find any other reason than the obvious, and lets out a sigh. “I… I guess I am really shy. I’m more the guy that likes to blend into the scenery and do what I like doing without being interupted.”

Vincent looks at her red and sore eyes, and gives her the brightest smile he could give anyone. “Then show the way, and I guess I don’t have to be shy being seen around my own little sister, right?”

A gloved hand reaches out, and he pats her gently on the head. Hoping he weren’t taking liberties too early. He had no siblings, and had no idea how to deal with them, all he knew was that he wanted her to smile.

Garnet smiled as she noticed him easing up. “Yep, don’t wanna have it rub off on me.” She smirked and walked a long with him.

The pizza place wasn’t too far from campus. Til thought deep dish would be the best thing for them, small but filling. It was really up to Vincent. 

Singing was something Garnet did a lot, and it got her through rough times. Everytime something was too much for her, it was something she did to calm herself down. This time for some odd reason she didn’t need to. “What do you like to do Vincent? Do you like to be called Vincent? Shall I call you something else?” 

Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


He thinks over the idea of eating home or eating out, and he right away knew that eating home was out of the question. He wasn’t the guy that liked to eat or really visit other people much, and his room looked like a nerd cave right now, since he had worked hard on some tasks and lost track of cleaning ages ago. He was just happy that his roomate was a sport about it.

"We can eat out…" He answers in the end, as it was the only option left. "But I don’t know this place that much, so if you have any favorite hang out we could take that? O… or a place you don’t go much if you don’t want to be seen with me." He quickly adds the second one, as he had excerienced rumours spread fast through schools before.

He waits for her answer, as he cursed himself for being eternally negative around people.

Garnet looked at Vincent a little strangely after he spoke. Was he serious? She started to laugh. “Of course I want to be seen with you, I just found out that I have a brother.” She smiled as she pulled her hair back a little and all lo one side of her neck. “Wait, you aren’t shy are you?” She leaned a little to get a better view of his face. Til smiled but quickly covered it, her eyes still red from crying.

"It would seem like it would be the other way around wouldn’t it? I know a few places, only because of a good friend. Don’t worry I won’t have you sing karaoke or anything. Come on." She began to walk without him.


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Curved Bullet (Garnet and Vincent)


His smile remains, a little weaker, but still warm. Of course he needed to ask his parents about this later, even if she did look like she could be trusted there was also a small chance of being fooled. So he would call them later, but right now he really didn’t want to think about that. He wanted to enjoy for once not being an only child.

"The time?" He looks at his pocked watch, and states that it was half past six now. Before he pulls out his own wallet. "How about we both pay? I would feel mean if you had to pay for everything." He secretly thought about his habit of eating a lot when he was eating out. He did not like the thought of her having to pay for all of it.

He looks through it, and decided that he had enough. He didn’t use much money, and he would be able to still have enough to buy the new game coming out that he wanted. “So, how do you feel about Pizza?”

"It’s the least I can do. I pulled you out here for all of this, and you might not have needed it." Garnet chucked and listened to Vincent speak. She, herself wasn’t that hungry, but if Vincent wanted to go have a bite then she would gladly tag along.

"Pizza sounds great, delivery? Or are we eating out?" Til didn’t mind going for a walk. Even after the food she would want a bit of exercise.

Lots of thoughts flashed in her head as she began to get herself together incase they were set to move. Garnet kept a smile, she didn’t to break down again. She kept trying to ask herself why was it such a big deal anyway. So what? You have another brother. Get over it.

Their long dark hair blew in a light breeze. Very nice weather for a nice new day.

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